The consulting services are usually defined on the basis of different consulting packages or consulting phases.

As a rule, this includes the following for management and strategy consultancies

  1. Analysis of the
  • Core services of the company
  • Core competencies of the company
  • Industry and competitive influences
  • existing business models
  • so-called macro factors, such as trend factors, technical factors, regulatory factors
  • Cost structures and efficiency potentials
  • Digitalization potentials of the company
  • New market and customer segments
  1. Definition of strategy parameters for
  • Holistic corporate strategy
  • Growth strategies
  • Competitive and differentiation strategies
  • Business development strategies
  • Business model developments
  1. Detail- and implementation-oriented strategies:
  • Business model adjustment strategies
  • Pricing strategies for digitisation conversions
  • Sales and marketing strategies for new or additional customer groups
  • multi-channel strategies
  • Communication strategies
  • Cost-efficiency strategies
  • Increasing the efficiency in customer and service management